Verity Coward (1993) lives and works in London, UK
Verity works across sculpture, painting and moving-image to reflect on material agency in the mechanisms of storying. Through a practice deeply embedded in material and process, she explores shifting states, porosity and cyclical refrains; re-visioning themes from cartoons, literature and myth to consider transformation and regeneration.

Sitting between tableau, scenography, sculpture and painting, Verity Coward’s work interrogates frameworks of storytelling and worlding. Using cardboard to model figures, shapes, vehicles and architecture, Verity makes playful dioramas and scenes to paint from. In muddled and claustrophobic compositions, forms shift and combine to confuse perspective and linearity. In between the territories of still-life and landscape Verity teases modes of displaying. Subject-object hierarchies are dissolved and reinstated in this ongoing game of re-arrangement and play of agency. 

Toy-like and ‘naive’, the sets and characters she creates allow for an intimate and playful exploration of larger social-historical narratives. The paintings carry the vernacular of their material origins, yet allow the characters to transform across multiple planes and forms of meaning.

Selected exhibitions, screenings, and projects

Guts Projects, upcoming solo, London, UK

Flatland Projects, upcoming solo, Bexhill, East Sussex, UK 

‘Unruly Bodies’ Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art

‘Highly Educated Secular Salamanders’ Massimo De Carlo Gallery, curated by Monster Chetwynd 

‘Eat Dust!’ film STEMS screening, Horse Hospital

‘Metamorph’ screening at Soul Festival, The Bomb Factory

‘Metamorph’ Well Projects, Margate, London, UK

‘Plant Monsters!’ Workshop Well Projects, Margate, UK

Screening Mahler and LeWitt Studios, Spoleto, Italy

London Bronze Fellowship collective recipient

Arts Council England Project Grant for the collaborative project ‘Metamorph’ that reimagined the classical myth of Daphne.

‘Sound of Metamorph’ Jupiter Woods, London, UK

‘Stand on All Fours’ The Turner House, Penarth, Wales, UK

‘Art and the Mabinogi’ The Turner House Gallery, Penarth, Wales, UK

‘Industrious Demons’ made in association with Chisenhale Art Place screened as part of OSR Projects, OD Arts Festival, Dorset, UK

‘Inner Monolith’ Underground Flower Off-space, Harlesden High Street,
London, UK

‘After Hours’ Bowes Parris Gallery, Harlesden High Street, Off-site, London, UK

‘Goose Goosey Gander’ Underground Flower, Solo Show, Virtual

‘Multi Species Research Group’ SET, London, UK

Contributing Artist, Chisenhale Art Place’s ‘Into The Wild’ programme, London,UK

‘Secret Spawning Site’ (solo) BAES, London, UK

‘Plant Monsters!’ Well Projects, Margate, UK

‘Metamorph’ Goldsmiths CCA, London, UK

‘Art and the Mabinogi’ The Turner House Gallery, Penarth, Wales, UK

‘Horse breaker’ The Multi Species Research Group, Online

‘On Butterflies Moths and Other Wordly Creatures’ featured artist

2019 ‘The Supreme Deluxe Essential Monster Chetwynd Handbook’ featured artist

         ‘Multi Species Research Group’ featured artist

Performances and film features
‘Who Named the Lily?’ Monster Chetwynd Production, Art on the Underground

‘Toxic Pillows’ Monster Chetwynd Production De Pont, Tilburg, The Netherlands

‘Vionnet and Ethical Capitalism’ Monster Chetwynd Production Centre Des Artes Plastique Paris, France

‘Dogsy Ma Bone’ Monster Chetwynd Production Tate Modern, London, UK

‘Here She Comes’ Monster Chetwynd Production Royal Festival Hall London

2017 BAFA Goldsmiths University of London, UK