Verity Coward (b. 1993) born in  Sharjah, UAE is an Australian British artist. She comes from a working rural background, experiencing a spatially radical upbringing living and moving between farms, in the bush, desert, rainforest, and moors. She now lives and works in London.

Descendent from cowboys and horse breakers, Coward’s practice is broadly motivated by the relationship between agency and material enquiries. Embracing an energy of production associated with suping-up vehicles or rude building construction with that of traditional sculpture.

Excited by the mechanisms and by-products of storytelling – both visual and verbal. The work is unfaithful to storylines – instead revelling in caches of ingrained plot devices, recurrent characters, accumulations within paintings and counting songs, refrains, the wayward shape and function of rhymes…
Coward’s practice works to handle these mechanisms physically by concentrating them into compositions or crude landscapes - the players of which originate through sculpting, casting, splitting, piercing, warping, petrifying...

Verity Coward gained her BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London (2017) Notable exhibitions include: Massimo De Carlo gallery curated by Monster Chetwynd (VSpace 2023) Well Projects, (Margate 2022) Vessel Studios (London 2022)  Mahler and LeWitt Studios (Spoleto, Italy 2022) Jupiter Woods (London 2021) The Turner House (Penarth 2021) Industrious Demons made in association with Chisenhale Art Place screened as part of OSR Projects, OD Arts Festival (Dorset 2021), Underground Flower Offspace (London 2020) Bowes Parris Gallery and Harlesden High Street (London 2020) Chisenhale Art Place (London 2018) contributing artist on Chisenhale Art Place’s ‘Into The Wild’ programme (London 2018) Withkin (Dorset 2020) Secret Spawning Site (solo) BAES (London 2016).

Publications include On Butterflies Moths and Other Wordly Creatures, Featured Artist (2020), The Supreme Deluxe Essential Monster Chetwynd Handbook, Featured Performer (2019), Multispecies Research Group, Featured Artist (2019)

Workshops include ‘Plant ‘Plant Monsters!’ Multi Species Research Group, Well Projects (Margate) ‘Art and the Mabinogi’ The Turner House Gallery (Penarth, Wales)

Performances include Centre Des Artes Plastique (Paris) De Pont (Tilburg, The Netherlands) Tate Modern (London)