Metamorph 16mm film still, 2022

Metamorph is a multi-disciplinary project that revisits the myth of Daphne through a transcultural and multi-species lens. It uses queer methodologies and transmedia storytelling techniques to shift the narrative around the agency of the character in their becoming-tree.

A collaboration between Verity Coward, Clémentine Bedos, Assia Ghendir and Holly Hunter.
Thanks to Jupiter Woods, Well projects, Goldsmiths CCA for working with us to share this work in its many different guises. Events and exhibitions in London and Margate 2021-2022.

Supported by public funding through the National Lottery Project Grants from Arts Council England.

Metamorph 2021-2022
16mm film still, test shoot.

Daphne’s Costume, 2021
Bark-cast latex, fabric.